Trusting Our Inner Light:

Breathe in Peace, Be Still & Know


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This website and the projects here help raise awareness of our Divine Nature, and the natural peace that passes understanding. While it may seem odd, it is our own mind that is partly veiled, unaware of our Divine Nature. The good news is that we are re-awakening, enlightening to our True, Real, Divine Nature whenever we choose to Trust Divine Love.


This mission supports youth, adults, horses and all animals to trust our natural ability to tune within to the I AM, to Jesus, Holy Spirit, and our own True Nature as Divine LOVE, Divine stillness and inner peace. Believing fear and blame/shame thoughts, emotions, grievance-based thinking, and stories of separation the mind believes and perhaps share keep us blocked to the Divine Love of the I AM.

Easy to say, right? It can take a little forgiving to what may feel like a lot of forgiving of thoughts, emotions, stories, beliefs, conditioning and errors in self and others to become fully aware of the Inner Christ Light. Forgiveness is so effective and powerful because it offers no resistance to Divine Love. There is literally nothing real to force/resist "against." Jesus demonstrated this is the most profound of ways.

A beautiful, revealing question we can explore

within our awareness in any moment is, "What is

my awareness and attention focused on?" Attention

comes from the Latin meaning "to stretch."

May you enjoy your time here and be even more inspired to continue sharing and connecting with the Inner Light in us all in whatever ways you are drawn. We all are helping us all remember who we really are as we have partially forgotten our True, Divine Nature.

Peace. Be still and know the I AM to undo

the thoughts that are keeping us blocked.

We are learning how to undo our belief in fear, guilt, shame and blame (fear, lack and grievance-based) thoughts, stories, and blocking beliefs to re-awaken and remember our True Divine Nature, that we are Love and that we all are always loved.

Remembering who we really are, far beyond who

we often "think" we are, is always available

to us and is much more wonder-filled.

The Divine is infinitely real and is holding us as we 

appear for a time to be people in a world experiencing what does not always feel loving or Divine. To re-awaken and help

us all beyond measure, trust and look to the Pure

and Wholly Spirit and the Inner Christ Light.

For more information, please contact

Trusting Our Inner Light's founder and peace pilgrim at

TrustingOurInnerLight    "at"   gmail   "dot"   com

(Thanks for your patience with how the email is 

written. It may help prevent spam.)

Who are we really?

While it seems like fear is real, and our mind might fight hard for holding to fear thoughts, difficult-feeling emotions, blaming, shaming, angry or any number

of other human thoughts, emotions and perceptions, only Divine LOVE is real.

Divine Love gives us what we want.

If we focus on fear and upset in any

of its forms, guess what DIVINE LOVE honors?...unless we choose to give it

up in the moment, and choose our

Inner Christ Light instead. This

Inner Christ Light sees only Divine

LOVE or calls for Divine LOVE.

It will take us time to undo our belief in fear and every thought form and energy that feels like the opposite of Divine LOVE. Stillness, trusting the I AM

and the Inner Christ Light

helps us whenever we ask.

We never really left Heaven (Divine Life and the awareness of Love's Presence).

As resistance to Divine Love dissolves and we forgive ourselves and each other

for errors in life, the realization of

our True Nature dawns within.

While we are learning and undoing our attachment to fear and blame, we are

held and loved. We are not

guilty for our fear

of Divine LOVE.

Be still and know, gaze within,

beyond all the thoughts and

emotions of ego at the real I AM.

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