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Supporting Adults, Youth and Animals to Remember Who We Truly Are and That We are Always Loved

Hello and thank you visiting! Most of all, thank you for helping save lives by trusting our Divine natural inner peace when resistance to trusting peace arises.


By forgiving everyone's calls for Love, however odd to horrific, and by not believing everything our mind "thinks," we are awakening and helping save the world.

An adult or child believing thoughts that are less than peaceful* and less than

joyfully aware of God, the Source of our Being, is partly asleep/veiled to our

True Divine Inner Light, or Christ, Nature. We can forgive such thoughts,

thereby healing and re-awakening. Then, the world heals naturally.

*Unpeaceful, or suffering-based, thoughts include, but are not limited to fear, personal specialness above or below another, unworthiness of self or others, fear, shame, blame, guilt, reactive mind, worry/anxiety, negativity or fear aggression and separation of any kind. Believing such thoughts leads to self abuse, suicide, abuse of others, war, violence of any kind. is a sign of unhealed inner pain, a calling for Love.

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

Only Love is real.

A Course in Miracles

My name is Laura. I am a peace pilgrim and thought awareness coach, facilitator-educator. In gentle ways, I share the value of trusting loving kindness, peace and God (Our Divine Nature), the Inner Light/Christ Within, offering group and individual experiences that convey the extraordinary value of gently forgiving/undoing our inner (mind/ego/fear/separation-based) blocks to the presence of Love Within and All Around.

All Life, this moment, is a pilgrimage.

I had my first mystical experience in childhood. That experience, as well as other experiences raised big questions in my mind. Since 1992, I have been actively learning from the Inner Light/Christ...from Jesus...undoing/forgiving inner blocks and experiencing awakening to our True/Real Divine, Loving Nature. In 2015-2016, I walked a pilgrimage coast-to-coast from Washington State to South Carolina supporting raising awareness regarding inner peace for youth, adults and animals. The destination in South Carolina was to a site where a young man had shot 12 people, 9 passed on. Several subsequent pilgrimages have taken place.

My calling is to support those who are interested in inner-seeing blocks that delay

our re-awakening (enlightening) to who (what we really are). For each of us the

process of awakening cannot be rushed. Each of us is ready when we are ready.

~ ~ ~

The information shared here is both part of and also transcends human fear-mind developed religions. It is important that you know that I look to the Inner Light/Christ and this same Inner Light/Christ Within Us All, our True Light Essence, our Real Self, beyond thoughts of fear, guilt and judging self and others that sometimes seem prevalent and real. If you resonate with teacher other than Jesus Christ (Y'shua ben Joseph), you may find what is shared here similar, as Truth transcends beliefs and pointers to Truth can be found in all spiritual traditions.

We play with delightful tools, including expanding into our Divine Nature (really our Divine Nature permeates all of existence, but from our perception, it can seem like expansion), awareness meditations, the jello bowl (one of my favorites!), magnets and other fun objects that inspire remembering the True Self. We connect with the Still, Quiet Being that is always present and accessible. Our exploration supports understanding why it matters to let go of believing fear/"little I"/ego-based thought forms and emotions, which bring suffering. *Ego is the source of fear and suffering ideas in the mind. The Divine contains nothing unloving, unkind or fearful.

In this exploration, we are guided by the Pure, Eternal, Unchanging I AM THAT I AM and Pure Light/Pure Spirit, the vibrations of the I AM THAT I AM, that are accessible to everyone. We know this I AM THAT I AM and the Pure Christ/Inner Light Spirit moving in us all naturally by its fruits.


Why is helping adults and youth to remember who (what) they really are helpful?

An adult or child discovering the Divine Within helps brighten and enliven their life, others lives, and, perhaps even saving lives.

Helping children and youth helps everyone. Once our heart-brain is wired to inner listening to the Inner Light/Christ Within rather than choosing fear-based, suffering thought forms. the chance to live a happy, peaceful inner life is increased. While the physical brain's wiring can be potentially shifted at any age (called neuroplasticity), for an older person it can take more willingness and effort. It is important to say that difficult thoughts and feelings are not always easy for youth or adults to verbalize, let alone let go of, forgive and heal. And, having a listening ear and support of others through the healing process isn't always available, so the value of learning to go within beyond such thought forms and emotions, allowing healing (forgiving the seeing of such thoughts), is beyond imagining.

Exploration of this nature offers wonderful benefits and some challenges.  While challenges to discovering our Divine Nature arise only because we sometimes actively resist Divine Love, peace and joy, having support from those who understanding what is happening without judging it can be helpful. Have you ever seen a child upset about something, and adults or other children come up with wonderful solutions, yet the child resists letting go of the upset and relaxing into the peace and joy of a solution?


All resistance to Divine Love ends at some point for everyone, and enlightenment happen. Often enlightening happens when we may be least expecting it! It's our forgiving our upsets that is usually a process! It is, nonetheless, quickening the healing and enlightement/re-awakening process.

I've studied many teachers, and so far it is Y'shua ben Joseph/Jesus Christ who provided the most dramatic demonstrations, including showing us that while we may dread the death of the body, the death of the Spirit is an illusion. Seeing the Christ in all humans and in all life, no matter what the mind suggests raises us all into our True Nature.


You and the youth in your world may find yourselves experiencing moments or extended periods of a deep sense of well being, peace and/or joy that are not attached to stories or circumstances in your life.

You and youth may find yourself experiencing insights that support further healing/re-awakening and a flow of uplifting, open creative energy and ideas.

Trusting Divine Thoughts over fearful ones helps strengthen faith, trust and awareness of the peaceful, happy awareness, the Source of Being and inner peace and joy that informs your life and choices.

Challenges (I like to say "adventures") Along the Way

A difficulty can be that we adults do not always recognize our non-Divine, blocking thoughts. Or, if we do, we may resist shifting our awareness to trusting only Divine Thoughts. Always forgive when this happens and simply return to listening within with your whole essence (far beyond our five physical senses). The Divine is always communicating.

Some children and youth can find themselves in unhealthy to horrific circumstances because adults around them are unaware of their own Divine Nature. Always follow your inner guidance for how to support youth in such circumstances. Far more is going on than we understand. We adults discovering what we really are helps them whether or not it seems like it on the surface of life.

All that is of value, we already have within us. If you are drawn to exploration of this nature, likely you already feel guided to the perfect resources and practitioners in your area. If you are interested in a talk, experiential healing circle, or a private session with me called "InnerViews" where, in a safe, holy and Divinely held way, you connect with your Divine Nature and receive your own guidance, my email is trustingourinner light    "at"    g mail   "dot"   com. (Thank you for your patience with how the email is written. Hopefully, it helps reduce spam.)

Thank you for all you bring to our world and for your time here.

In Light,


You, The Real You, is always still.


P.S. Horses Hide Their Pain is a sister site designed to support those interested in helping horses and those working with horses.

What we believe (put our attention on) ripples throughout existence, expanding our awareness of Divine Love or dimming/blocking it.

Jesus knew the difference between inner listening for God/Divine Love and believing fear and ego.

Forgiving fear and ego and looking toward the Divine Within Us

helps shift our perception.

Believing non-Divine thoughts...thoughts of unkindness, fear, judging, suffering, ego and their accompanying emotion (energy-in-motion) are experienced as vibrating frequency that "feels"

like the opposite of peace.

Non-Divine Thoughts feel like

fear or suffering in some way.

As we learn to discern Divine Thought (real thoughts) from fearful/unpeaceful thoughts, we tune into the Stillness beyond stillness, and receive & recognizing Divine Christ Thoughts.

Trusting Divine Thoughts and following them show their effectiveness. We become "the solution" rather than feeling as if we or someone is "the problem."

~ ~ ~

Thank you for every moment you by notice how your thoughts are feeling, and ensure you are listening to the Voice of  Loving kindness, which shares

uplifting Divine Thoughts. Our focus

on such thoughts helps the whole world.

Copyright 2007 - 2020. Copyright covers only what is appropriate by the laws of man, as Truth is accessible to everyone.

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