Welcome to Trusting Our Inner Light
Supporting Adults, Youth and Animals to Remember Who We Truly Are and That We are Always Loved

Hello and thank you visiting! Most of all, thank you for helping save lives by trusting our Divine natural stillness of BE-ing when resistance to trusting peace arises. Thank you for your patience as this website is being re-designed. This website is an educational website offered by Laura Bedford, a facilitator/author sharing about the I AM Presence, inner peace and Divine/Perfect Love harmonics/frequency/vibration and how we can discern the different frequencies and frequencies of ego/fear/upset/judging self or world/any lack of inner peace (fight or flight believing mind). It is a personal website rather than an organization. If you resonate animals, if you are drawn, please visit my other website is HorsesHideTheirPain.org,

What we believe (put our attention on) ripples throughout existence, expanding our awareness of Divine Love or dimming/blocking it.

All of us naturally recognize the difference between vibrations of Perfect, Divine Love and believing thoughts and feelings and energy of fear and ego.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for every moment you notice thoughts or feelings or emotions that are not Perfect Love, and for inner listening to True Self that knows  Loving kindness, and shares only

uplifting Divine Thoughts. Our focus

on such thoughts helps the whole world.

Copyright 2007 - 2020. Copyright covers only what is appropriate by the laws of man, as Truth is accessible to everyone.

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